Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall in the Brookfield area offers perfect weather to get those chores done before the blustery days of winter set in. Use this DIY fall home maintenance checklist so you can enjoy a clean, warm and cozy home all winter long. Starting with this list then working in your own unique tasks for your home will make the cold Wisconsin days more bearable.

Insulating Against Cold

Exterior doors, check. Windows, check. Everything has been weather-stripped, caulked or otherwise insulated against the cold so the interior of the home will stay warm and cozy. However have you considered the indoor electrical outlets and light switch plates? An unbelievable amount of cold air can enter a home through non-insulated electrical outlets and switch plates. Fortunately, it’s an easy DIY fix. After turning off you circuit breaker, place the proper style foam gasket in each outlet or switch throughout your home and replace the covers. For outlets that are not being used, place a child-proof shock-guard in each outlet to prevent even the tiniest amount of cold air from entering your home.

Service the Equipment

Certain pieces of equipment are used only during the winter, then stored for the remaining three seasons. If you wait until the snow falls in winter to get out your snow blower, you could have a problem. Get out that snow blower, plow, generator or whatever type of winter-related equipment you own in the fall and test it to ensure it’s in working order. Have any mechanical problems fixed before the rush of winter and get prepared with a supply of fuel for all your small engines.

Stock Your Wood

If you have a wood burning stove, or just enjoy sitting by your fireplace in the wintertime, it’s tie to stock your wood supply. The earlier in the fall you get the wood, the better. If you cut the firewood yourself, fall provides the perfect temperatures for making a trip to the woods with a chain saw. If you purchase wood, do it early in the fall to avoid the winter rush of other customers. This gives the wood time to thoroughly dry and make it easier for you to use come the coldest months.

Fall Cleaning

Cleaning outdoor items such as your grill, patio furniture, pool and all other outdoor equipment in the fall and getting it properly stored before winter sets in makes a huge difference. For any outdoor cleaning tasks that are beyond your scope, call in a professional residential cleaning company.